Drug Store Foundation|Maybelline

Hey whats up you guys! Its ya girl meg, I hope you guys had a great day! Today I was browsing the drugstore waiting for my prescription to be filled, and I came across the Maybelline Fit Me foundation. So I decided that I would try it out because it is constantly being raved about!


This is the Matte and Poreless foundation for normal to oily skin types. This foundation does not have an applicator which is a con. The price does makeup for it though because I bought this foundation for $8. This is the cheapest foundation I’ve bought in a while. So not having a applicator is fine. I only needed a little bit at a time, and the makeup looked beautifully and natural. I used the real techniques sponge to apply this makeup because I found that made it look the most natural. I have oily skin, but this foundation made everything really matte. No oily was visible. After a couple hours of wear, I still had that flawless look. Overall, I really enjoyed this foundation, and the natural look it gives me. This is actually one of my favorite foundations I’ve tried so far.

I hope you guys enjoyed this review! Have you guys tried this foundation yet? What is your favorite drugstore foundation?

Thanks for reading

-megs planet

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