My Thoughts On Proactiv |Skincare Fail

Hey what’s up you guys, it’s ya girl meg. Today’s blog is going to be about Proactiv skincare. Now this is my opinion and experience of the Proactiv skincare. This was the skincare from about a year and a half ago. Since then, the Proactiv system has changed their formula. For example, the removed the Benzoyl Peroxide. Regardless of that, Proactiv still has some of the same issues as the original formula. So here are the top 3 issues I had with the Proactiv skincare routine.

Dry like the desert!

This was super concerning to me because I have very oily skin! I have never had a product make my face feel dry before. I even had patches of dry skin all throughout my face. It was crazy. The cleanser was very rough on my skin. It felt like an exfoliater for everyday use. Although, I believe it was the toner, that really did me wrong in the system. So if you have dry skin, stay very clear of this product because your face may end up like sand paper.


This product bleached my face, yes. BLEACHED. My face had so many chemicals on my face, that my face was bleaching my pillows, sheets, blankets, and clothes. I took my a while to figure out what was happening, but once I found out, I stopped using it immediately. I don’t need chemicals on face like that. So if you do chose to use this skincare, please use caution and read on what is actually going into these products.

Don’t Skip a Day!

This routine really needed commitment. I strive to be on top of my skincare routine, but sometimes life gets in the way. If you are coming home late from a party, and forget to wash your face with the skincare routine, you are screwed. If you miss a wash, you breakout like crazy. It’s not a very simple routine either. It takes up to five+ minutes to complete. So If you are going to get this product, make sure you are dedicated to it.


I hope you guys enjoyed this little insight. Just trying to keep you guys aware with this skincare and many other skincare. Reading what is in the products you are using is very important! Check those labels ladies and gents! Thank you guys for reading! I”ll see you on Saturday’s Blog!

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