Top 3 Emergency Blemish Cures|Stressed OUT

Hey what’s up you guys? It’s ya girl meg! I know, you guys probably are so confused because my upload schedule has been all over the place. As I mentioned in my last post, my grandfather passed away. These past two weeks have been absolutely crazy and I’ve been so stressed I haven’t been able to sit down with you guys to do a blog. I promise this week, everything will be back to normal. I have been writing like crazy this past week so their will be new posts on Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday. Thank you guys for being patient with me xoxo. Any who, like I said I’m stressed out. So you can already guess my face is like a rocky road of MAJOR BLEMISHES. Like bye acne, go away. So I’m going to share with you guys, my top 3 blemish emergency cures. Whether you have an important date the next night, have prom, or you just don’t want those pimps anymore. These serums help break down those major blemishes after one use! So without further ado, lets jump right into this blog!

Dr.Brandt Pore Vacuum cleanser and Blackhead extractor.


I use these two as a team, that why I decided to pair them together. This is great for pores, but its awesome all over your face as well. They both are gels, and the gel turns white when it’s time to wipe the product off. It leaves skin feeling super moisturized but not too oily. It does a great job with pores and blackheads. I notice a big change in my skin after using this product by the next day.


Peter Thomas Roth Peeling Gel


This peeling gel is something that I just recently got more of. I have used this product in the past, but it just a peeling gel. What it is supposed to do is shed all the dead skin off of your face. This product does such an amazing job. I love products like this because my skin feels so amazing after using it. I use this mask when I have a lot of acne, because it help remove all the dirt and oils from my face. I notice that my face is smoother and less discolored after the first use.


Clinique Acne Solutions Clearing Gel


Yes, this is my number one, go to! This product is amazing, because it dries up my most stubborn acne and makes it look smaller in 12 hours. It’s awesome because it actually works. It doesn’t even dry up your whole skin either! It’s just such a great product, and if you have problems with acne, this is defiantly something you should invest in!

I hope you guys enjoyed this blog! If you did and like my other content, come follow my blog! I post every Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday. If you guys have any questions, let me know down in the comments!


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