Fresh Skincare Review |Update

Hey guys, it’s ya girl meg, back at ya with another blog. I’m posting on a Friday, I know. Before we jump into this blog, just wanted to give you guys a bit of an update. I kind of went ghost this week, I’m dealing with a death of a family member. All this week we have been running around getting things ready for the funeral tomorrow so I haven’t been able to sit down with you guys and talk beauty. I apologize, but life does get in the way at times. I am excited because I have some very fun posts going up next Monday & Wednesday! Wednesday even has a video attached, oh boy. Alright, enough talk about me, lets jump right into this blog.

Fresh Skincare!





Totally worth it

and that spells BNEHT.. which is what Fresh Skincare is. Can I get an lol for that one? No? okay moving on.

But in all seriousness, I bought these products in the beginning of February and I’ve been pretty obsessed. My bank account didn’t but I fell in love with these products. I purchased three products to start because at first I was unsure which ones I would even really like. So I ended up purchasing:

Fresh Soy Face Cleanser- $15 (Travel Size) 38$ for Full Size

Fresh Rose Floral Toner- 40$ (Full Size only)

Fresh Rose Face Mask- 25$ (Travel Size) 62$ for Full Size

*These products were more on the expensive side than what I am used to (Clinique).

                                                           Fresh Soy Face Cleanser:

cleanserThe Fresh Soy Face Cleanser, is the first step I do. First impression was the smell was absolutely amazing. It was literally Fresh, you know what I mean. It smelled like roses and tea tree oil. The only reason I know the tea tree is because of my recent review of the It Cosmetics CC+ Cream that smelled just like it. The product lathers on my face pretty well. It doesn’t foam up, but suds do appear. You can use it over your eyes as well, which is pretty nice feature. I like that because it takes off the rest of your eye makeup too but it also helps with people who have dryer eyelids. Overall love this product, I think it does a great job with my skin. For those who don’t know I have oily, acne prone skin, so this cleanser does a great job of balancing my natural oils!


                                                           Fresh Rose Floral Toner:

rose tonerOkay another one of my favorite products. Now this product is so amazing. It is so refreshing! So when I took this photo, of course I had to cut off the little spray pump SO you guys couldnt see that. But yes there is a little spray top so you can either spray right onto your face or use a cotton round. It is really up to you. I alternate back and forth, whatever I feel that day, I just do that. It’s non oily and it really just is awesome. Don’t mind the empty look of it, I spilled some out of the container already cause that’s how I roll. Overall, great product. One to reach for if you are looking for a skin pick me up or just as a toner.


                                                           Fresh Rose Face Mask:

rose face maskLast but not least, the Rose Face Mask. Now if you couldnt tell by now, ya girl likes 3 step skincare. I always do: cleanser, toner, lotion. I’m breaking my own code with this one. I picked this mask because when I talked to the ladies at Sephora, they said that this would hydrate my skin enough that I wouldn’t need a lotion. *Most lotions that are from Fresh are anti aging* So I thought why not try this out and see how I like it. The appearance is like this yellowy gunk, like its not cute. But it went into my skin great. It felt like any high end gel face mask. So this one I was not head over heels in love with. I think it takes the place of a lotion like they said, but it’s a very hydrating product. So the more I use it, I feel my skin might show signs of over oily exposure. If you have very dry skin, here is a great mask for you.

*All of these products were purchased at *

*Not Sponsored*

Thank you guys for reading, I hope you enjoyed these 3 Fresh skincare products. Which one would you like to try out? Do you have these in your skincare routine?

As always, I post new blogs every Monday & Wednesday. Hope you guys enjoy the rest of your day!

xox, mew


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