January Favorites|Overview

Hey guys, it’s ya girl meg. I hope you guys had an amazing day. I can’t beleive January is already over! Time is really flying. I’m so excited about my blog, I have the best followers and follow some of the best content. I love writing for you guys and reading your blogs! So much more exciting things to come in February!

Without further ado, lets jump into this blog!



Here are my January favorites! I’m going to go through select ones, because most of these, I already did a review on in previous blogs.



This eyeshadow palette has been my go to this month. I love the Urban Decay Basics, so when the Ultimate Basics released, I bounced. These shades are beautiful, and they are the classic nude shades. I’m able to make natural looks and dramatic looks with this palette.


This product is amazing, I purchased this in the beginning of this year because I have some pretty dark stretch marks. This product doesn’t get rid of stretch marks but lightens them up. *You can’t actually make you stretch marks go away for good* This product is by Pure Romance which is a website that sells sexual toys, lotions, and other beauty products. I totally recommend this product if you are looking to make those stretch marks less noticeable. If you want me to do more of a review on this product, leave a comment down below!


This NARS concealer is pretty amazing. This is the creamy radiant concealer and it conceals very well. It the perfect shade and it mixes very well with my foundation. It is perfect for my oily skin.


This is my Lokai coil ring! This is the only jewelry piece that I bought this month, so I thought I would incorporate it. I think the ring is really “dope”. If you like it, you can find it at the Lokai website!


The first image on the the left is the Clinique Waterproof mascara. This mascara I swear doesn’t even flake, or transfer down. I love this mascara, it is currently the one I reach for the most. The second image on the right is the ColourPop liquid lipstick in the shade Satin. It is a beautiful brown nude color with a hint of red. ColourPop is also very reasonably priced. I got this one in a set of three for $18.


Hope you guys enjoyed this blog! I hope this month was a good one! I’m looking forward to all the future blogs!

*Also I’ll be posting every Monday and Wednesday about beauty/products. On Saturdays I’ll be posting more personal blogs by picking a topic randomly.

Till next time



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