Best Drug Store Foundation I’ve Ever Used!

Drug Store products this past year have really upped their game. The year of 2017 was definitely the year of Drug Store makeup products. With these quality products being released at local drugstores, higher end makeup companies were having a bit of competition. After watching some of my favorite Youtube beauty guru’s (such as Shani Grimmond), I decided to try out the L’Oreal Paris Infallible Pro-Matte 24hr Foundation in the shade Classic Ivory.

Going into it, I had no expectations because I haven’t tried Drug Store foundation in a about 3 years. I have to say… I love this foundation! This foundations is one of the only ones that truely matched my skin perfectly. It was my EXACT shade. Which my skin is pretty light, so finding a shade that works is veeery hard for me. So to me, this was a dream come true. The coverage was medium to light, but I never go for full coverage foundations anyway. The color went into my skin beautifully, and it stayed for about 8-9 hours. It actually was one of the best foundations I’ve used in general as well. I also like the formula, it wasn’t too runny or too thick. The only issue I had with it overall was I didn’t get a lot of coverage with some of the red patches on my face. I think the foundation was so light in color, that it was hard to cover up. Nothing like a little concealer can’t fix!

Overall, I really liked the foundation, it is definitely something I will reach for in the future.



Use this link to purchase it online! —

Hope you guys enjoyed this review, thank you for reading!

– mew


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