Let’s talk about New Years Resolutions

Are resolutions actually a good way to set goals for a new year, or is it some silly tradition with goals we never achieve?

Resolutions are those goals and aspirations we have for the new year, that we hope will change our lives. Looking back though, how many years have our resolutions been the same? Year after year of making these “changes”, we realize that we put the same things on our list. Speaking from experience, when I write my resolutions, its literally a whole page of things I want to change about my life. No, its not healthy or realistic to have such expectations for one single year. This year, when my pen hit paper, I thought about my resolutions pretty thourgouly. Instead of setting myself up for failure with this laundry list of changes, I was going to pick three to really strive to achieve this year ( so maybe next year those wont be on there). It’s more realistic to stick with 3 resolutions that you care about than 20 resolutions.

While making resolutions, keep them realistic. Just like goals we make at work or for fitness, they have to be achievable. For example, my resolution shouldn’t be that I want to live in Hawaii in 2018. I don’t have the money for that, nor do I have the money for that! If you do, your in luck, this resolution might be on your list. For me, I’ll never achieve that in one year, let alone three years. Picking realistic goals will hopefully help you achieve something on your list this year. Also a little sentimental note, don’t be so harsh on yourself! No one is perfect and those things that you want to change the most, may be the thing that makes you the most unique.

I didn’t think it would be fair to write this post, without sharing my resolutions with you.

1. Lose 20 lbs

2. Put myself first

3. Work to strengthen my realtionship with family and friends

I hope you guys enjoyed this post, Have a safe and happy New Year!




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